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Classico Unisex GMT Games Triumph And Tragedy p7vyMhYz

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triumph & tragedy is a geopolitical strategy game for 3 players (also playable by 2) covering the competition for european supremacy during the period 1936-45 between capitalism (the west), communism (the soviet union) and fascism (the axis). It has diplomatic, economic, technological and military components, and can be won by gaining economic hegemony or technological supremacy (a-bomb), or by vanquishing a rival militarily. the 22 x 34 area map covers eurasia to india and the urals, plus the americas. Military units are 5/8' blocks, of 7 types (infantry / tank / fortress / airforce / carrier / fleet / submarine), in 7 different colors (germany / italy / russia / britain / france / usa / neutral). The mix of over 200 blocks allows great flexibility of force composition. There is a 55-card action deck and a 55-card investment deck, plus 30 peace dividend chits and 110 markers of various types. the game starts in 1936, with all 3 great powers virtually disarmed: germany has repudiated the versailles peace treaty, initiating an arms race in europe. With blocks, the nature of military buildups remain unknown to rivals unless / until military conflict breaks out. The game may end peacefully or there may be war. There are game sanctions for attacking neutral minors or declaring war on an opponent, and rewards for remaining peaceful (you get a peace dividend chit of value 0-2 for every year you remain at peace). you can win peacefully by: • economic hegemony (total of production secret peace dividend values is the greatest in 1945, or reaches 25 at any time) or • technological supremacy (build the a-bomb which takes 4 stages). if there is war, you can still win by either of the above methods, or by: • military victory (capture of two enemy capitals each great power has 2). economic production underlies all forms of power in the game. Production is the least of controlled population (cities).